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We have been in the dog breeding business for over 30 years. There's not much we haven't seen or experienced.

Whether its assistance with mating, Artificial Insemination, pregnancy confirmation or Microchipping your loved one, please contact us for an informal chat. We'd love to hear from you and if we can help, then all the better.

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Semen Analysis

We can look at the quality of the semen. Give you a sperm count and Motility rate.  Generally check you boys sperm

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Ultrasound Scan

Pregnancy Ultrasound Performed at about  28-35 days. Complete with an estimated due date report if required. Using the latest scanners

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Artificial Insemination

We can perform Artificial Insemination on your bitch with any locally sourced semen or shipped semen. It can be shipped to us and stored ready for insemination.

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Semen Chilling

Send Chilled semen worldwide next day delivery

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Cytology Ovulation testing

Examination of the cells under a microscope to determine ovulation. Useful if the bitch is having a silent heat or has missed a mating before.  We can determine the best time to mate.  Also check if you've missed her fertile time..

We find it as accurate as progesterone testing (which we don't offer as we're not vets)

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Microchipping one offs or whole litters in compliant with the Law.

Discounts available if you use our other services

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Whelping Help

Whether its just being on the end of the phone or us coming to you in person, we're always happy to help

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We have lots of thigs in stock to make your life easier, from whelping boxes, puppy milk, puppy collars, and lots more.  We can offer advice but if in doubt always seek a vets advise. We aren't vets and can't take bloods etc but we can help with many aspects of breeding as we have many years experience. 

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Stud Health Certificates

We offer semen analysis with sperm health check and Sperm count on a certificate so it looks professional to your prospective clients 

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